Batik Painting Museum

Batik Painting Museum Penang   is known for being the most avid compilers of batik paintings. Though these creations were highly injected to batik, the era was suspended with dynamism since it was not a long-live phenomenon in Penang. The concept was based on their love for Dr. Tan Chong Guan, their patron. The museum aims to introduce their art to the country. This is the reason why the building was realized.

Though the Batik painting Museum Penang relives the olden times of batik, it is surprising that no one in the world had ever thought to come up with such brilliant idea. The museum is further known for being the abode of many Batik painting masterpieces in Penang. If you want to gaze on the magical paintings that are about seventy pieces, the museum is glad to welcome you.

girl painting in the batik painting museum

Aside from the Batik paintings, another highlight of Penang is the electric three storey shop for their visitors. If you are enthusiast of batik products, you can basically get an idea how their newly found industry works well for you. So if you have time, visit the batik painting Museum Penang.  You will savor different sites in the beautiful city of Penang,

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