As its name suggests, the farm is the first farm in Penang that provides various beautiful and tropical butterflies. It has an average population of 4000 butterflies in Malaysia with one hundred twenty distinct species. Situated in Teluk Bahang, Penang Malaysia and opened in the public in 1986, this butterfly farm is said to be Penang’s one of the most popular and best known tourist attractions. The 8 hectare butterfly refuge houses a remarkably assorted collection of butterfly classes and also various kinds of reptiles and insects. The farm is placed at the Teluk Bahang hills’ foot—between the village of Teluk Bahang and Taman Rimba Park.

The farm was owned and founded by David Goh, who aims to promote and introduce entomology to the Malaysian people. He wants to safeguard butterfly species that is why the farm is dedicated to protect them and their home. According to him, the farm is only not a money making business, because the farm is also respected and known to be an international breeding center for butterflies and other species located there. If you are a person who loves butterflies, you will definitely enjoy the experience here in this butterfly farm just like how people who have gone to the farm were enchanted of the different and fluttering butterflies that the fame has. With the help of a tour guide, you will be educated about each species there.

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