“Penang has undoubtedly earned its place as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with multitudes of tourists visiting the island and the city every year, to enjoy the rich and highly diverse portfolio of attractions offered by the state.”

While Penang offers something for everyone, with luscious gardens, breathtaking landscapes, interesting cemeteries, fun filled and curiously engaging markets, cruising options, quaint fishing villages, fascinating temples, and not to forget a large variety of mouthwatering cuisines, to name a few, other locations in Malaysia also attract interested tourists.

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A very popular tourist route is to visit the Cameron Highlands after a fun filled and enjoyable tour of Penang. Most tourists wish to plan out their tour, to include all the fascinating sites and attractions of Penang, and also visit the famous Cameron Highlands to finish their vacation in great style.

We provide you with a Penang to Cameron Highland tour package, to let you enjoy your vacations in luxurious comfort, and derive maximum pleasure throughout your trip, from the beautifully mesmerizing Penang to the fascinatingly charming and stunning hill station of the Cameron Highlands.
The Cameron Highlands offer tourists cooler climate than the lowlands, interesting old sites and landmarks as well as a number of different attractions, making it a popular hill station for tourists all over.
With our Penang to Cameron Highland tour package, you can certainly enjoy the best of both locations, deriving maximum pleasure through detailed exploration, and learning and discovering so much about the Malaysian tourist spots.
We ensure you a guided tour assistance with a helpful staff for constant support, and car rental services to facilitate your visit to multiple sites and interesting spots in Penang, and a luxurious trip and tour of the Cameron Highlands.
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With so much to explore and multiple sites and attractions to visit, we offer you a tour package which will include all the major attractions of Penang as well as the Cameron Highlands, to let you discover and enjoy to your heart’s content!

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Our guides will ensure you experienced assistance and support throughout the tour, ensuring your visit to the different attractions is both informative and enjoyable.

We offer a large variety of tour package options, to meet the diverse needs of worldwide tourists.

Our tour packages are affordable and offer express luxury and comfort throughout your visit.

You can even opt for our private tour packages, and plan out your very own exclusive tour to include your favorite sites, during your stay in Penang and the Cameron Highlands.

An easy and fun filled trip to the Cameron Highlands after an amazing time at Penang is sure to have you refreshed and completely relaxed, both during and after your tour!

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