Are you preparing for your next vacation to the exotic and exciting, world famous tourist destination of Penang? Well, then you definitely need to hire a car on rental, if you want to visit all the popular Penang sites and don’t want to miss any attraction that Penang has to offer!

The state of Penang is rightly regarded as one of the top 10 tourist destinations of the world, because it has so much to offer everyone! From a wide selection of famous landmarks and historical sites, to enchantingly beautiful and curiously interesting temples and other works of great architecture, the state also offers a stunningly beautiful beach along with quaint fishing villages as their major attractions!

And wait! That’s not all! Let’s not forget the scenic beauty of the landscape, the charming lakes and reserves, the mangroves which are ideal for firefly watching, curiously interesting marketplaces, breathtaking cityscapes and the old cemeteries which are all highly interesting and wonderful attractions offered by the state!
The staggering variety of attractions and tourist destinations, while being highly entertaining and a great temptation for all, are sure to prove a handful for even the most energetic group of tourists. What you need to enjoy your tour to the beautiful state of Penang and not miss out on a visit to the large portfolio of attractions that it offers is a suitable mode of transportation.
With a suitable car rental service, you can easily make the most of your visit, enjoy yourself to the full and just revel in the fun of hopping from one end of the island to the other, indulging your taste for sightseeing and mouthwatering cuisine.
hindu temple in penang town centre

Visit interesting temples and historical sites!

teluk pahang fishing spot

Enjoy the sandy beaches and the calm blue waters!

penang morning market

Visit the exotically charming marketplaces of Penang and enjoy the local cuisine!

We recognize the importance of an appropriate means of transportation and along with our extensive portfolio of tour packages and guided visits to interesting sites and landmarks, also offer car rental services to suit your traveling needs.

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We offer different types of vehicles to suit your individual traveling needs. You can select between vans, coach buses and mini cars to choose the most appropriate vehicle for comfortable and luxurious traveling, while you journey from one end of the island to the other, in hot pursuit of another favorite attraction on your list!

We offer a large variety of tour options to suit all your individual needs and vacation requirements.

 Our tour packages are affordably priced for a convenient and enjoyable visit to the different attractions of Penang.

 Our guides and supporting staff ensure you support and assistance all the way.

 Our private tour packages let you plan out a plan to your own liking, including all the sites and attractions that you have ever wanted to visit!

Opt for our tour packages and car rental services, to check out the numerous attractions on your tour list, and enjoy a fun filled visit to the world famous state of Penang.

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