“Amongst the long list of highly engaging and mesmerizing attractions that Penang has to offer, none is more informational or interesting than the old and historical cemeteries of the state.”

While the beautiful sandy beaches, quaint fishing villages and fascinating historical temples in Penang offer a great opportunity to learn about the state, the ultimate way to learn about the rich diversity of cultures and prosperous history of an area is to study the cemeteries and old graveyards of the city.

Old cemeteries offer a unique and interesting opportunity to learn and explore about the cultural heritage and religious diversity within the city, and improve your knowledge about the historical heritage of the town.
Penang offers tourists a valuable and curiously interesting insight into the rich history of the state, with the number of old cemeteries which hold multiple secrets and stories linked with the famous people of the past.
You can get to enjoy a fascinating experience of reliving the glorious past of the city, by paying a visit to the popular cemeteries and old graveyards of the towns. Just opt for our exclusively designed Penang Cemetery Tour Package, and let us fill your days in Penang with multiple fun and informative visits to the different cemeteries spread out over the state.
Amongst the long list of different cemeteries and mausoleums in Penang, the most distinctive one is the old Protestant Cemetery, which is considered to be the oldest on the island. It was set up in the 18th century as the final resting ground of British colonial administrators. Many famous personalities are buried in the old graveyard, making it a choice attraction for interested tourists.

very old cemetery in georgetown

Visit old cemeteries and marvel at the architecture!

chinese cemetery in batu lanchang

Learn about the history and the cultural makeup of the island.

captain francis light monument

Visit historical monuments, tombs and mausoleums!


As with time, people from different cultures settled down on the island, and a large variety of Chinese, Hindu, Malay, Christian and Muslim cemeteries were made, which are major attractions for tourists visiting the island.

The long list of cemeteries, graveyards and mausoleums include:

Batu Lanchang Hindu Cemetery
Batu Lanchang Hokkien Cemetery
Cheah Sek Tong Private Cemetery
Kapitan Keling’s Tomb
Mount Erskine Cantonese Cemetery
Paya Terubong Hokkien Cemetery

just to name a few! You can certainly learn a lot about a region’s history and cultural mix through their cemeteries.

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