chew jetty
Among the tourist attractions in Penang, jetties can be considered as one of them. It is a long and narrow structure made for different purposes. One of its purposes is connecting the land with deep water for a purpose of stopping ships, loading and unloading cargos. Some of people made clan jetties to protect their cost lines from tides and lessen the impact of tsunami. Strong waves from lakes and rivers can also destroy the coastline so it is important to have clan jetties. These jetties usually made of concrete and woods. But among these, the best to use is the concrete one foe it’s the most durable among others.

lim jetty
Jetties are not only for some shifting purposes or for loading and unloading goods but can be tourist attractions. In Malaysia, Clan Jetty Penang is one the most popular jetty in the country. This type of jetty is having a beautiful structure that makes them an attraction to the travelers. In short, it has an edge among other that make it more attractive and eye catching.
It is considered as an attraction in Penang because of the entrance in the jetties where you can find the temple of its quayside. Some tourists take pictures in the jetties for its beautiful and wonderful views.

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