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Are you planning an afternoon out during your visit to Penang? The Colonial Penang Museum is a very popular tourist attraction, which offers visitors the chance to familiarise themselves with the history of the city and learn about its rich cultural heritage.

The Latest Attraction on the Block! 

The Colonial Penang Museum has recently been opened for the public, and there is so much to see for tourists, that it has quickly earned its way amongst the top places to visit during one’s stay in Penang!

In the museum, you can see and appreciate decades of old and cherished city history, with great artifacts and historical relics, which are all part of the rich local heritage.

The colonial past of Penang is adeptly depicted within the museum, and the carefully chosen collection of artifacts, also allow tourists to experience the lifestyle of wealthy merchants and the British administration.

The intricate ornaments and relics help you visualise Penang, as it was under the colonial rule.

Interior Colonial Penang Musuem

Main Attractions in the Museum

While the museum has been designed to offer a delightful experience, the unique antiques as well as the different personal relics are sure to take you back in time. Some of the most important relics which are adored by the general public and tourists alike; include, the personally handwritten document by the founder of Penang, Captain Francis Light.

Apart from that, the visitors at the museum can observe the masterpieces of Francois Linke, who is recognised as the Belle Epoque of the uniquely styled French furniture. The outstanding statues made from white carra marble by Atelier R. Bigazzi Florence; are also on display at the museum. Some Baby Nyonya furniture pieces are on display as well, which make the museum a great place to visit, for colonial furniture enthusiasts.

The Reverse Painting and the Stained Glass Window are other main attractions of the museum.

Exterior Colonial Penang Museum

The Colonial Museum – What It Once Was! 

While visitors now see a medium sized building sporting a fresh coat of paint, the museum building was not always so!

Where today, we find the Colonial Penang Museum, formerly, it was the site of a government property, which was used as a meeting place by the senior citizens of the neighbourhood. This was because a nearby building was rented as a house for seniors, so the current museum building served as a club house for them, up till a few years back.

A family of antique collectors then bought the property and transformed it into the museum, and put all their family collection on display. Thus, the museum is not only a site for tourists to pay a visit, but rather, it is a good place to educate school children and equip them with certain facts about the city’s rich history.

While the museum property is owned by the government, the Colonial Penang museum itself is a private venture undertaken by the Ma family descendents. The museum is also said to have around 1000 historical artifacts and relics on display that belonged to the Ma family.

Any tourist, who wants to learn about the city’s history, can enjoy the museum display while marveling at the beauty of the different artifacts.

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