The state of Penang is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world, with YAHOO Travel marking it as an essential location to visit, and including it in the list of “The 10 Islands to Explore before You Die”.

Penang has been visited by a number of important personalities throughout the years who have appreciated and been impressed by the natural breathtaking beauty, and serenely peaceful atmosphere of one of the most desired tourist spots all over.

Besides engaging sites and an abundance of cultural and historical landmarks, the state offers so much more in the shape of a diverse cultural heritage and a tempting traditional cuisine experience. But one of the most attractive features of this great urbanized state, are its beaches which offer an amazing opportunity to enjoy the relaxing beauty, and appreciate the splendor of the surroundings. All of which are best valued and appreciated in a peaceful cruise around the island!

Penang three sixty bar

A relaxing cruise around the exotically beautiful island and the entire state is the ideal way to fully appreciate and recognize the true beauty of Penang, which is enveloped in its blue waters, white sandy beaches and the beautiful flora of the island.
Enjoying a comfortably tranquil cruise experience while gazing at the magnificence of the island of Penang, is the best way to spend a vacation and forget all the worries of the world. What better way to utilize your holidays than by lounging on the deck of your cruise ship and enjoying a spectacular view of the city?
Along with the cruise experience, if you were to add the exciting prospect of a trip on the water at night time, then your visit to Penang is sure to prove memorable forever!
An experience of viewing the cityscape of Penang at night time from a cruise ship is an incident which is sure to leave a lasting impact on you. With the refreshing sea breeze and the sparkling inky sky out on the waters, you will be captured spellbound, gazing at the lights of the city, and enjoying the quiet relaxing peace while bobbing about on the waves.
spctacular view in cruise ship tour

Enjoy the breathtaking cityscape of Penang at night.

Penangn Port in cruise ship view

Marvel at the beauty of the landscape!

Gurney-Drive photo shot

Take a cruise round the island and enjoy your visit to Penang.

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