escape theme park level monkey game

The idea behind this theme park is to make people bond with nature. It is not the typical theme park in the conventional sense that have merry go rounds, roller coasters, giant-costumed characters and spinning teacups. Instead, it is a theme park which lets people completely connect with the Mother Nature. You will experience generous amount of pure fun and creativity in here.

Penang Escape Monkey game

The theme park, which is located at Jalan Teluk Bahang in Penang Malaysia, is known to be the first environment friendly park that gives emphasis to connecting family and friends with nature and to acquire sense of adventure. Some of the fun activities that both children and adults can enjoy here are Go Ape, Gecko Tower, Monkey Business, Tubby Racer, Zoom Bug, Foxy Burrow and many others. For sure, after all these activities, you will feel tired but nonetheless, you are satisfied with all the fun activities you have experience there. After all these fun activities, do not worry for a place to stay, for the park has hotels only a few walks away where you can relax and rest after a long day of adventure. These hotels are naturally impressive and far from the usual concrete hotels in the city. These hotels are still nature-inspired built atop of the tree or surrounded by trees. So while you are in here, you will out of the hardships in the city, what you will attain here is an overall revitalized body, mind and soul.

Fun 100
Historical 20
Natural 92
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