“If you are an ardent fisherman and just love the relaxing feeling of sitting with your line in hand, just waiting for the catch of the day, then a Penang fishing tour package is just the thing for you!”

What better way to enjoy your vacation, than by indulging your heart’s desire and beloved hobby, of fishing in rich waters, just reveling in the calm and peace, and the rewarding  catch of a struggling fish at the end of your line?

Our Penang fishing tour package is an ideal option for all you enthusiastic fishermen out there, who are looking for a tour package to the ideal tourist destination, which offers you fascinating attractions and scenic beauty, and so much more!
With Penang being a world class tourist destination, complete with every possible attraction and entertainment feature you can dream of, it is rightly included in the top 10 best spots for tourists all over the world!
Aside from the breathtaking beaches, charming gardens, scintillating cityscape and curiously interesting marketplaces, the fishing villages of the state of Penang are a paradise for every passionate tourist fisherman!
The quaint fishing villages and the beautiful lakes, as well as the great sea, all offer wonderful opportunities to an ardent fisherman to indulge their hobby in Penang. The Batu Maung fishing village, as well as the Tanjung Bungah Batu Ferringhi stretch, are great venues for regular and deep sea fishing. Lake Kenyir is another site which offers you a wonderful chance to try your hand at catching the famous giant snakefish!
teluk pahang fishing spot

Visit beautifully quaint fishing villages and indulge your hobby!

alone fishing

Enjoy the calm of the deep blue sea!

clam sea for fishing spot

Revel in the calm and beauty of lakes while fishing!

Enjoy meeting other passionate fishermen like you and learn about the various fish species and varieties from the locals, who know everything there is to know about fishing as it is their mode of business.

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Opt for our Penang fishing tour package, and just enjoy your vacations exactly as you want, out on the calm blue waters, waiting for your next catch, as our guide instructs you about the various attractions that Penang has to offer!

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Our experienced guide will ensure you constant assistance and escort throughout your tour.

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