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Never miss a chance to visit the Fort Cornwallis in Penang Island should make a tour in the beautiful islands of Malaysia. This is one of those star forts that the colonial Brits have left the Malays reminiscent to its rich heritage. The fort goes back to the early 1700s and was built by the British East India Company on the northeastern coasts of the beautiful island to house its frontier soldiers. The name was adapted from the late of 18th century Governor-General Charles Cornwallis of Bengal, India, a 1st Marquess Cornwallis. Though the largest standing fort in the island of Penang and the entireness of Malaysia, the Fort Cornwallis has never engaged in any war battle. That and more are the reasons one should have a tour in the fort. There is a chapel, a bastion similar to those magazine structures with massive roofing and buttresses around, a skeletal lighthouse, and lots and lots of canons.

sri rambai cannon

One of the canons, the biggest, even has a name—Seri Rambai Cannon. The roofed bastion, on the other hand, is the only surviving roofed structure in Malaysia since the colonial era while the lighthouse, Fort Point Lighthouse now known as the Penang Harbour Lighthouse, is the second oldest lighthouse in the country.   


Operation Hours: Daily 9am – 6.30pm

Ticket Fare: Rm20

Contact: 604 264 3494

Fun 80
Historical 100
Natural 97
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