If you want to have a one of a kind travel experience, why not take a stroll to Penang’s most popular seafront? If you really love to feel the sea breeze, then Gurney Drive Penang will captivate your heart. This place is also known the Persiaran Gurney and hailed as the most popular tourist destinations. The name Gurney Drive was coined after a commissioner who was assassinated during 1950’s Emergency period. The assassinator was guerrillas who was said to be part of the Malayan Communist Party. At this modern time, this place was renamed with New Coast Road. But there were debate about the change in its name. The present name was still the perfect name for this tourist destination.

During daytime, you will be amazed with the upscale condominium design. These well-off beach-side bungalows were not just the best landmarks that you can find. You can also see luxurious homes that were owned by some affluent personalities in this place. There were also modern skyscrapers, historic building and previous general complex that were now turned to be part of the Paragon Mall. And during night time, if you are a food enthusiast, you can try the mouth-watering delicacies at the Hawker Center. The different food stalls will give you the delicious food that could only find it here, is the Gurney Drive Penang.

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Historical 70
Natural 83
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