hakka village

The Balik Pulau Hakka Village Penang is spearheaded by Penang association Khek with its centerpiece-the Hakka Tulou.The village manifests the circular abode vibrant with the Hakka architecture. Furthermore it realizes man-made lake and stalls for souvenirs ad dishes that are inspired by Hakka. This village which is located in the Pulao Betong will welcome you with a new environment teeming with natural resources

The village also features Hakka traditional houses, century wood chairs, wooden drum and more. The delight for fruits comes in variety. They plant durians, mangosteen, passion fruit, nutmeg and rambutan. The visitors will also be given insight in their crops such as clove, nutmeg and rubber. The most prominent fruit that they have is the Balik Pulao durian

bicycle in hakka village

Hakka is a friendly village. The people are hospitable and they are sound in dealing with the local society. They can also dwell in harmony with other ethnic groups. They accommodate the visitors in Hakka big houses or tent while they provide authentic Hakka meals. The Hakka Village is 300 feet above sea level in which it amaze walkers with precipitous roads. Needless to say, the only way to get to Balik Pulau Hakka village Penang is by walking.

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