If you want to explore and discover the beautiful attractions that Penang has to offer, then our Penang Island Tour Package is a great option. Penang Island, which is a much frequented and popular tourist destination, is a centre of great activity, and offers a large portfolio of highly enchanting and charming sites, which ensure maximum entertainment and enjoyment as well.



Being the North-West coast of Malaysia, Penang enjoys the status of being a flourishing state which offers tourists a wide range of attractions, ranging from temples, markets and historical sites to breathtaking natural locations, which make Penang what it is today – One of the most beautiful tourist destinations!


Your visit to Penang is sure to leave you speechless, while you explore every charming nook and enchanting corner of the place. Our Penang Island tour packages are designed to let you discover as much of the magnificent island as possible during your stay in the state. The tours have been designed to include all the major sites and attractions of the island, and are available in a variety of options, to suit the needs of a diverse tourist market.

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Our portfolio of services ensures a satisfactory tourist expedition which will help you derive maximum enjoyment from the charms of the island, along with learning about its history and culture in the process. Instead of getting only a small idea of the entire beauty of the island, we ensure that you get to enjoy a valuable insight of all that Penang Island has to offer!
Our portfolio of tour packages include a wide array of attractions which suit the variant needs of tourists who wish to make the most of their visit to the island. Not only do we offer expertly designed tour packages that ensure every comfort you could possibly desire for throughout your visit to the magnificent island, but we also offer the convenience of private tour packages, to let you decide what you want to do during your holiday at Penang Island.

temple places in PenangVisit the enchanting temples which will let you learn about the culture of the island.
penang skycraper in malaysiaEnjoy breathtaking beautiful skylines and cityscapes.
koay teow th'ngDerive enjoyment from the mouthwatering cuisines of Penang.

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