In Penang, one of the most important places to visit is Penang Kek Lok Si Temple which is located at Air Itam. This is a Buddhist temple and its constructionstarted in 1893. The inspiration for its design was acquired from a temple in Pitt Street known as Goddess of Mercy. Tee construction process was completed with the collaboration of then China’s Emperor Guangxu. He also gifted 70,000 imperial Edition from Buddhist Sutras as well.

In 1906, the benefactor of the Penang Temple was Chung Keng. The construction process of this 7 storey temple was completed in 1930. The design of temple is a mixture of traditional Penang culture and the architecture of Chinese temples. This amazing variation in architecture design of temple makes it a must visit place in Penang.

New development in the temple is always underway. The latest addition to the temple was made in 2002 when a statue of Kuan Yin got added and opened for Public in Temple. When you take a look at the temple from a distance, you will see two prominent features. The 7storey design of the original temple that originates to 1893 and the other dominant feature is bronze stature for Goddess of Mercy known as Kuan Yin. Even to date, the construction process of new structures is under way in this temple.

History of Penang KekLok Si Temple

19th century marks as the beginning of Kek Lok Si Temple’s history. The 1st Abbot of Lok Si is known as Beow Lean. He was a Buddhist preacher, born in 1844 in Fujian province and belonged to a Buddhist family.Beow Lean was a business man by profession but he left business when he was 33 years old and spent his further life to preach Buddhism. He came to Penang in 1885 in order to receive donations so he could renovate a temple in Fuzhou, China.

Kuan Yin Teng who was the top preacher of Buddhism in Penang at that time, offered Beow Lean the position to become Monk and stay in Penang. Lean considered the offer and impressed by the devotion of Kuan Yin Teng towards Buddhism, he settled in Penang permanently. He devoted his time and energy towards preaching of Buddhism in Penang. It was the initiative taken by Beow Lean that started the construction process of Temple. The construction process of temple started in 1891 and until 1905, the foundation was completed. Lean had financial support from some business giants of the local area.

Kek Lok Si temple firework picture

The construction process remained under progress even after the demise of Beow Lean and that is the main reason why local people have huge respect for him. Today, this temple has become of the most famous and must visit tourism destinations in Penang, Malaysia.

We will take you to a tour of Penang Kek Lok Si Temple as our guest and show you around. For a new person, it is difficult to realize in which direction he needs to move but you will have the assistance of our dedicated and experienced guide staff.

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