the khoo kongsi main entrance hall

Khong Kongsi Penang is one the grandest clan temple in Malaysia. It is also the main tourist spot of the country for its historic attraction. This historical Khoo Kongsi Penang has its famous temples, building with opera stage, offices, meeting halls and terrace houses. Its styles as well as its decorations reflect some temples in Southern Fujian. You can see the pair of giant green stone lions that guarding the clan house. There are also small museums and art gallery placed on the lower ground where you can also see the collection of some historical materials.

khoo kongsi clan house in penang

For those who had been watched the movie Anna and the King, it is a recall for them of the movie because some of the scenes was filmed in Khoo Kongsi Penang. It is worth to visit to reminisce the past and to appreciate the historical building. During night time, it is more interested to visit because there will be performances officiated by Chinese individual that really entertains their guest.
It is also a good place to make some tours especially for those students that need insights. This Khoo Kongsi is not only for the students tour or even for their academic purposes but give them an entertainment to the fullest.


Operation Hours: 9am – 5pm

Ticket: Rm10

Address: 18 Cannon Square, 10200. Penang

Contact: +604-261 4609

Fun 70
Historical 93
Natural 79
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