Penang National Park Shelter

Malaysia is a country of natural and man-made beauties with a rich heritage to boot. One of its picturesque islands is the best example for this, the Penang Island. Part of the early Straits Settlements, where Malacca and Singapore are also included, the Penang Island boasts of vast flora and fauna. To date, there are 143 known fauna species and 417 flora species indexed by scientists and researchers who frequented the Penang National Park alone. This park is measured at 1,213 hectares of land and sea at the northwestern tip of the Penang Island. It is one and the same as the Pantai Acheh Forest Reserve, the first ever legally protected area under Malaysia’s 1980 National Park Act.


Renamed in 2003, the Penang National Park is now a popular destination for both the local and tourist nature lovers who love to explore its promising natural treasures and exciting activities. Just some of the thrilling sights in the park are the unique seasonal meromictic lake, the sandy beach habitats, the open coastal seas, the hill / lowland Dipterocarp forests, and the mangrove forest areas. Thousands of plants and animals species are also recorded, which are to be preserve and protected.

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