If you are planning to have your next Malaysia trip, then make your vacation worthwhile by visiting one of the most popular and visited destinations – The Orangutan Island! Here, you will be able to see, view and come in close contact with free ranging, wild young and adult orangutans during a guided tour in the forested areas.

The Orangutan Island is becoming more and more popular among the tourists. This is so because Malaysia isn’t only known for their rich cultural diversity, mouthwatering dishes, tropical rainforests, and beautiful expansive beaches, but the country is also home to an Island full of interesting orangutans. Over the years, the Island is generating lots of satisfied visitors because of what it has to offer, and its popularity shows no sign slowing. Well, it’s a matter of finding the best travel and tour company that can offer you the most quality services, a company that can offer you utmost client satisfaction.

The Orangutan Island

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Opposite of bukit me rah lake town resort park and far away from the very hectic lifestyle of urban population of Malaysia, in the confines of lush green forests walks different type of men. In here, you will be able to find certain kind of men who takes their time enjoying simple life’s pleasures – picking their foods deliberately, savoring the tastes of their feed, fashion their bed made of leaves, and take long happily and leisurely swings all through the forest trees, which they consider home. You know them as Orangutans or also called the ‘ Man of the Forest ’.

The Orangutan island Bukit Merah, Perak, Malaysia, a paradise place tucked away Pulau Orang Utan. This island is the world’s first and only preservation and rehabilitation facility where wild orangutans (orang utans) roam free. The very unique island serves as breeding sanctuary, conservation, as well as an education and research center. If you want to learn and understand these endangered species, then this Island is the best place to be. There are limitless of things to learn about this magnificent creature.

Baby-Orangutan-in-the-centreThere is nothing much better than this wildlife experience, being able to walk and admire the beauty of nature while you observe those interesting Orangutans do their own thing. So, if you are looking for a once in a lifetime adventure with friends of families, then consider the Orangutan Island as one of the best possible destinations. Well, it really deserves to be included in your list of must visit places. 

If unique experience is what you and your family are after, then consider Orangutan island Bukit Merah, Perak, Malaysia as the best pick. Tourists and vacationers from the different parts of the globe continue to be amazed and compelled by this fascinating island – be one of them and have a worthwhile vacation you and your family deserve to have.

Don’t Worry. Let Us Cater to Your Needs!

In order to make your trip easier and much convenient, a travel agency is what you need to enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty of the Orangutan Island. A good one will provide you with excellent packages that will take away every hassles and inconveniences from your tour planning. You don’t need to do anything except to enjoy a unique experience from this beautiful island.