As the name suggests, Penang Night Market opens at dusk and remain open until late at night. The local dealers have their shops in this night market and you can find various products. Most of the products include copies of famous brands and of course, you can buy these copies at a cheap price from Penang Night Market. Tourists love to visit this place not only because it looks beautiful but also because they can buy quality yet copied products at a cheaper price. The price quoted by the shopkeeper is not final and they will be more than happy to lower it once you start negotiating with them.

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You can pay money to get a relaxing massage in this night market as well. Unlike many such markets around the world, this Penang Nigh Market is safe for both genders to visit. If you and your female friends are visiting the market alone, you don’t need to worry at all because the overall atmosphere of the market is very friendly. Men and women both offer massage services in this market which means, you can get massage from the person of same gender. However, you will not be able to visit this market during day time because nothing opens while the sun is up. The name Penang Night Market is given to this place only because the shops open during night time. Some locals also call it Batu Ferringhi Night Market because the market is situated at Batu Ferringhi beach.

Visiting this market is definitely a unique experience and while many people don’t like different things about this market like the low light and congested atmosphere, there are a lot of people who love it for the same reason. Those people who are interested in buying western clothing from this market should visit Souk.

Penang farlim pasar malam

If you are coming from Gumey Drive, it will take around 45 minutes for you to reach Penang Night Market by road. There are special shuttle services available that takes the shoppers and drop them in the heart of night market. This place is named “Holiday Inn”. To get back to your destination, the shuttle will return at 11pm to pick you up from the same spot. Locals also term it as “Sidewalk Bazaar” and that is the main reason why you will find many locals shopping in the same market too. During the day, the place of night market is totally dull and empty. The shops are there but they are closed so it is better to visit the place at night so you can see how life works here. The crowd in market is low in quantity during weekdays but on weekend, people flood into this market from everywhere and it becomes difficult to find your way around.

It is suggested that you take services of professional guides while visiting Penang Night Market because this place can become very crowded at times. Only a person who is well aware of the market can guide you through different ways at peak hours.

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