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Penang State Museum is probably one of the hubs of information about the city of Penang. In contrast with other museum it highlights hundreds of the masterpieces of world-renowned artists. The museum was intended to patronize the own perspective of the city in terms of what is and ideal art means. The museum was also submissive to political issues since it is one of the concepts that the museum is dealing. With the dynamic story of Penang, all the galleries that showcase chronological events are worth seeing for. If history is your favorite subject and Penang history is one of the lists in your note, better off to Penang and visit their museum.

The remarkable structure of white jives with the class acres and tall columns was originally constructed as an educational building in 1821. However it was transformed into a museum and had its soft opening to the public in 1964. The Penang state museum is divided into two sections- the art gallery which displays the compilation of local and international art work and exhibits while provides in depth details of the history of Penang.

So if you want to explore the Penang State Museum, better prepare your cameras because you will not be able to recall all of the best masterpieces of the city.

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