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While the city of Penang offers a long list of fascinating attractions to hold tourists enthralled throughout their tour, nothing allures them more than the fine Penang street art found in the narrow lanes of the city!

Every tourist who wishes to know about the history and culture of this small town; can enjoy a great insight into their cultural art, by taking a trip to the historic Georgetown to catch a glimpse of the amazing art pieces created in a number of streets within the area.

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The Street Art Project

The authorities of Penang took an initiative in 2012, and hired an artist from London to breathe new life into the streets of the city. The project involved painting pictures which symbolized the multicultural diversity within the city and also contained a historical element, which resulted in amazing street art that attracts tourists to take a stroll down the streets, admiring the masterpieces!

Zacharevic turned the streets into major tourist attractions, with his unique art work which is available for viewing in the streets of Weld Quay, Armenian Street, Lebuh Leith and Ah Quee Street.

“Boy on a bike”, “little girl in blue” and “children in a boat”, are just some of the most spectacular Penang street art pieces created by this creative artist.

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The Lost Kittens Artwork

These are a series of street artwork pieces, which were created by Muangkliang, a Thai artist, and Khang and Low, from Malaysia. The artwork had the purpose of drawing attention towards stray animals, and is a centre of attention for tourists.

The art pieces deliver a message through a unique medium, which is heard by all the visitors that come to this city. “Shade me if you love me”, “love me like your fortune cat” and “please care and bathe me” are some popular kitten artwork pieces which are adored by tourists and locals alike.

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Georgetown Art

There is a pictorial representation on the streets of the city, which was created to give tourists a brief overview about its rich history. A total of 52 iron structures that depict the story of the city, are a major attraction for visitors.

The welded iron caricatures steal the show every time, as they are spread throughout the town, and mark the importance of certain areas with engaging artwork representation. Historical facts are blended with humor to offer tourists an array of fascinating artwork to observe to their heart’s content. What better way to learn facts and the basic history of the area, than with the help of interesting and amusing caricatures on the walls of Georgetown!

The street art of Penang, symbolizes the use of a new and highly engaging medium to attract and amaze tourists, while educating them regarding the city’s rich historical and cultural heritage.

If you are thinking of paying a visit to Penang, don’t forget to observe Penang street art in the Georgetown area!

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