Are you seeking a suitable tour package which will offer you the opportunity to enjoy all the multiple fun filled attractions of the state of Penang?
Are you thinking of turning your tour into a complete package of unstoppable fun and entertainment, with a great time at Penang and a visit to Perak as well?

Well, seek no more! Because we offer you a complete Penang to Perak tour package, which is sure to offer you an enjoyable and pleasurable visit to the most popular tourist spots in the world, turning your vacation into a memorable holiday!

kellies castle in perak

Penang offers something for everyone, and our tour packages make sure that you get to enjoy all the fascinating pleasures and mesmerizing attractions that the island has to offer. From arresting temples to interesting marketplaces, and from delightful firefly watching to sandy and exotic beaches, we ensure you our tour services for exploring all the delights of Penang, and enjoying your visit to the utmost!

We arrange your subsequent visit to Perak from Penang, and ensure you a relaxing and entertaining visit to the state of Perak, letting you enjoy the wonders and fascinating marvels of both the tourist destinations.
Enjoy a guided tour through the Kuala Kangsar, which is the royal city in Perak, and visit the Lost World of Tambun theme park, along with a tour of the Perak State Museum, which is recognized as the oldest museum in Malaysia!
Revel in the luxury and comfort ensured by us, for your pleasurable tour, and give your taste buds a treat with the popular cuisines of Penang and Perak, like the Sar Hor Fun and the Curry Laksa, to name a few specials!
From the beaches and quaint fishing villages of Penang, to the reserves and rafting locations in Perak, enjoy the variety and the staggeringly long list of amazing attractions, which are sure to astound and fascinate you at every turn, entertaining you to the very core!
kong zhi miow
perak tong door view
perak tong outside hill house

With so much to see and do, you will surely be kept busy by us as our guides instruct and support you throughout your visit to the beautiful and fascinating states of Perak and Penang.

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We offer an extensive portfolio of tour packages to suit all our client needs.

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We ensure you guided support for maximum enjoyment and discovery of the true essence of the attractions of the states of Penang and Perak.

Just opt for our Penang to Perak tour package, and travel in comfort, while enjoying your visit to the famous tourist destinations of Malaysia!

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