Penang Private Tour Package is designed to give you an exclusive and personalized tourism experience of Penang, Malaysia. Many other private tourism companies are also offering tour packages for Penang but we have got something special for you. Tourism is not just about showing people around but it is about giving them your hospitality and sincere services. We at Penang Private Tour, take it as our obligation to entertain you and show you the beauty and culture of Penang as if you were our personal guest.

The specialties of our Penang Private Tour Package are described below:

All the above package before puchase or place your order, please do text us +60164451719 or email us to the contact us page on below to check for the availability!

If  you are looking for customise itinerary, our itinerary also can be completely customised, which means that we can take you to all the places you wish to go and build an itinerary based on your interests and special requests.

Please let me know what you wish to do and I can work on a customise itinerary for you that include culture, sightseeing, food, and nature. We will send you the proposed itinerary as soon as you let me know your plan. We will work with you to make sure you have the customise itinerary you like. 

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Completely Customised Tour Itinerary!

Your truly Penang tour partner
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