“Penang is the tourist destination which has been recognized in the bestselling book by Patricia Schultz as one of the “1,000 Places to See Before You Die”. With an enchanting natural beauty admired by tourists the world over, Penang is frequented by families and individuals every year who want to explore and experience the magic of the state.”

Penang offers a diverse variety of highly engaging attractions and landscapes which are perfect for spending a glorious time in the state. Being an island which has highly diverse cultural origins and is home to a variety of people with diverse religious backgrounds, Penang offers visitors so much to see and experience, that one visit is not enough to include all the exciting and spectacular attractions that Penang has to offer!

penang cemetery of property tour

Explore old cemeteries to learn about different cultures.

Penang Temple with property tour

Visit old temples and other religious sites to explore the diverse culture of Penang.

Penang park  and garden

Find and revel in the beauty of exotic gardens and farms in the state.

If you want to experience the real culture of the island and marvel at the rich architectural and cultural heritage hosted by Penang, then our Penang property tour package is just the thing to let you enjoy the true essence of the state.

Penang is a state which offers you beautiful buildings, famous markets and historical sites which portray and showcase the cultural diversity of the state and let you revel in a sea of colors and fascinating array of architectural styles. It offers everything to transform a visit into a tourist’s paradise!

penang property tour in batu ferringhi

Our tour packages are expertly designed to help you visit the most popular sites and attractions within the state of Penang, which have successfully and justly won the area the accolade of a highly desired tourist destination. From famous night market places, spectacularly beautiful temples and relics of old cultures and different ethnicities to fruit farms, museums and forts, our Penang property tour package is your ticket to a fun filled comfortable tourist experience which is sure to satiate your yearning for a rewarding visit to the island.

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