Protestant Cemetery is as well called as the Northam Road Cemetery. It was the primary cemetery which was sanctified in 1786 after Captain Francis Light discovered the Prince of Wales Island Settlement.  The foremost burial known in the cemetery was in 1789 in the name of H.D.D. Cunningham, while the newest was in 1892 in the name of Cornelia Josephine Van Someren. Unfortunately after that, Protestant Cemetery was closed which resulted to the transfer of Christian burials to Western Road Cemetery.


Many renowned and prominent people that are involved in Penang’s history including Captain Francis Light and numerous governors like Philip Dundas, William Petrie and John Alexander Bannerman could be found in this cemetery.   The cemetery has twelve Chinese refugees and graves of the Taiping Rebellion.  With approximately five hundred graves, over twenty five percent of these are already not identifiable because of damage caused by the weather.  Many tombs’ tablets have already fallen off, some rose on the southern wall and some do not matched to their tombs. Behind the cemetery, there is an accessible wall door that will take you to the other cemetery beside it, which is the Roman Catholic Cemetery.

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