If you are travelling with your children the Penang Saanen Dairy Goat Farm is the best travel destination. This 5 acre goat farm was just located in Permatang Pasir, Balik Pulau, Penang Malaysia. The goats here were organically fed with freshly cut grass. You are sure that their dairy product were naturally made and without any preservative.


Right from the entrance, the young manager of the farm is friendly and is very eager to explain how they manage this said goat farm. You can see how it is hard to maintain much wide farm but the management have seen to it that they maintain the cleanliness to their facilities. The goats range from cream or white colored breed of goats. The farm uses a climate control barn. This system was designed to cater the environment suited to the sensitive type of the goats. The benefits of using this were having a great production of dairy products. This farm produces daily a total of 100 liters of fresh goat milk. Yogurt, mozzarella and ice cream were the products that were made from the milk. If you want to have a taste of this delight, you purchase it only from Saanen Dairy Goat Farm Penang.

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