When you leave your home to travel around, you can reveal many mysteries of this world. A famous travel destination in Penang, Malaysia is Penang Snake Temple. This place attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world each year so if you are visiting Penang then it is compulsory for you to visit this temple. The temple was built in the memory of Chor Soo Kong who was a Buddhist healer and monk. There are different legends available about Chor Soo Kong and according to one legend, he housed snakes and that is the main reason why the temple to celebrate Kong is called Penang Snake Temple.

After the death of Kong and the construction of temple, it became home to a lot of poisonous snakes. Local people believed that the snakes were actually disciples of Kong. David Brown who was a Scotsman donated the money to build the temple and it is famous about him that he was heeled by Chor Soo Kong for a deadly disease with the help of local medicines.

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Since that time, the snakes have always been a part of stories associated with Penang Snake Temple. Local people have different interpretations for these snakes, some people consider them as Gods, some call them demons, and some think they are dragons. The same thinking pattern is found in China too. From all parts of the world, devotees travel thousands of miles to reach to Penang Snake Temple and receive the blessings of snake gods. They bring different things as offerings as well.

One thing that must be kept in mind about Penang is that, it is the smallest state in Malaysia but still it attracts a lot of foreign tourists. This small state has got so many things to offer to tourists like smooth sandy beaches, tropical forests, Hills and crystal clean sea water that is really difficult to find these days. The place is also famous as Malaysia’s food capital. You can find almost all kind of local and international dishes in Penang.

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There is a huge incense burner at the entrance of Penang Snake Temple which fills the hall with holy smoke. The holy smoke is used to induce tranquility to make sure everything appears perfect and still. The temple is built with expensive and luxurious stones collected from all over the world; there are old and new statues of different gods. The most interesting thing to see in Penang snake temple is the 600 pound bell which was brought from China in 1886.

The snakes are still here and you can see them coiling around in different parts of the temple. There is certain measure about how many snakes reside in the temple but local observers believe that the number of snakes is decreasing day by day due to a lot of construction and development work in the area. During festive seasons, more snakes can be found inside the temple as compared to normal days. This place is definitely a must visit for anyone who is spending holidays in Penang.

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