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If you want to want to witness the majestic view of the Tow Boo Kong Nine Emperor Gods Temple at Raja Uda, prepare yourself as you are off to another classic adventure. The temple is another masterpiece of the world. Should there it be a place you want to loiter on, one of the largest temples is the right one for you. Yes indeed, it is one of the largest museums in the world. Be part of the hundred visitors who want to spend their life fulfilled with the sight of the temple.
If you are wondering why the name sounds like integrated in mythology, the temple is connoted to be dedication to the ditties in Butterworth. The temple success in gaining its reputation as many people in Butterworth exposed their faith to their gods through the Temple. The hint on the existence of the Temple was first given to the public and was finally realized on the midst of 2010

tow boon kong temple
Aside from the centre of faith, another reason to complementing the visit to the Butterworth Tow Boo Kong Nine Emperor Gods Temple Raja Uda is the pagodas. There are also many stalls you can wander in Butterworth. The point is, after a solemn visit to the temple, spare yourself from the limitations of craving for information about Golden dragon and statues and other stuffs you will rarely see in your life.

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Historical 70
Natural 40

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