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The city of Penang loves to celebrate. This is evident from the many month-long festivals that are spread out throughout the calendar year. The Georgetown Festival 2015 is a favorite of the residents of Penang. It is a month-long celebration of arts and culture, celebrated in many different ways. This is a way for the residents of the city to show and reflect their passion and love for art. The colorful and completely enthralling festival is a display of creativity in so many beautiful ways that you would be left with a sense of unreality at what you are witnessing.

The trend started off as a onetime celebration for Georgetown’s selection as a Heritage Site by UNESCO. However, the success of the event and the reaction of the people have turned it into an annual celebration which attracts people from all over the country as well as tourists from across the world to Georgetown to witness the explosion of color and artistic capabilities in this event. The festival combines a wide variety of artistic demonstrations, ranging from traditional dance performances to stage shows as well as activities and other performances.

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The Georgetown Festival has transformed the area into a hub of cultural and artistic demonstrations that gives the people a chance to witness performances that know no bounds in terms of creativity. Anyone can participate in this festival by simply following the procedure of participation if they feel they have the talent that would serve as an entertainment for the people visiting the festival. The fact that the festival has no particular theme is the reason why the performances and display of talents spreads across the canvas of imagination and creativity. People are given a chance to showcase any and all talents in any way possible, if approved by the organizers.

For people who have a hidden talent and the desire to show it on a stage in front of an audience, the Georgetown festival 2015 can prove to be that opportunity. Diversity is promoted during these festivals and as a result visitors to the festival will see people of all nationalities and cultures perform and entertain you. More than a hundred thousand people are expected to head to this festival every year to witness the extraordinary displays of art and culture that makes it so special.

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This year, the event will be held in August and will feature a collection of some of the best local and international performers and artists. The selection of artists is underway and every month, more amazing artists are being added to the list. This way, they get ample time to prepare for their performance, ensuring they enthrall the audience.. Some of the past performers might also perform at this year’s festival as well as many other new and brilliant artists who are guaranteed to make your experience of the festival one that you won’t soon forget.

So, head over to the Penang Georgetown Festival 2015 in August this year and be amazed at the incredible skill and talent on display.