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Every once in a while, one needs to step away from the daily life stressors and step into the arms of nature. If you believe in returning to nature to regain peace of mind or just enjoy the beauty of nature, the Penang Floral Festival 2015 might just be your kind of entertainment. Renowned for the exquisite plants and century-old trees that await the visitors, the Penang Floral Festival is held every year at the Penang Botanic Gardens. Extraordinary water lilies and exotic plants, straight from the Amazon River basin, as well as the many other beautiful and rare flowers attract people to this festival every year from all around the world.

These gardens were originally founded as a research centre by the British, all the way back in 1884, for studying exquisite plants brought from all corners of the world. The breathtaking waterfall on the ground is the reason why the botanical gardens are also referred to as the Waterfall Gardens. By taking one step into gardens, you can escape the hubbub outside and enter the tranquility that surrounds the place. You can forget about all the worries outside the gardens and relax as you learn more about the many different types of plants and flowers which are found all over the world.

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The Penang Floral Festivals 2015 provides you a unique experience by bringing flowers and plants from all over the world to one place where you can witness the beauty that you could only see if you took a world tour. The entire garden is divided into many paths where you can walk and view plants from different areas of the world. For example, one path would lead you to exotic flowers whereas another would lead you towards wildlife, including Macaques or the Dusky Leaf Monkeys and you might even be able to spot Black Giant Squirrels as well as many other insects and butterflies.

Every year, many thousands of people come to witness the flower festival, which will be held on the 31st of May this year. The festival also holds many competitions where people participate with their own collection of exotic and prized garden flowers and plants.

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There will be other fun as well as educational events for both children and adults. The festival will also have many workshops, educational as well as fun, where visitors can discuss and find out more about all the beautiful and rare collection of plants and flowers at the Penang Botanical Garden. You can hear background stories as well as find out unique facts about the different rare and exotic plants that are housed in the botanical gardens.

Exciting contests increase the excitement of the evening and provide the visitors a chance to win memorable gifts as well. Finally, those who are interested in gardening and flowers can shop for tools, kits and even buy the flowers they like. It is one of the most exciting events to come in the month of May 2015 in Penang, Malaysia and one that is not to be missed.