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Throughout our history, the days marking Patron Saints have been celebrated throughout the world wherever believers exist. These days are usually the days marking the death of patrons and saints which is why they are referred to as the day of the saint. The saint’s days are usually celebrated by organizing feasts in their names and this ritual of feast days has been held under the belief that while the day is being celebrated through a feast on Earth, the same event is taking place up in the heavens. When a saint is internationally celebrated, the day is usually a public holiday.

St Anne’s Day has been celebrated by organizing feast days in her honor. There are many churches and chapels named after St. Anne around the world. The marriage and meeting of Anne and Joachim have been in the tales for ages and they have also been favored by artist as a subject. Saint Anne, being the grandmother of Jesus, has been portrayed in art and paintings with Mary and Jesus. The Saint Anne’s Day in France is commemorated by serving lobster. Saint Anne spent a lot of time fighting against poverty. Saint Anne has been captured in the portraits as holding either baby Jesus or baby Mary as she had a large part in the upbringing of Mary and raising her as the pious and faithful women she came to be.

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Needless to say, the Saint Anne’s day 2015 is celebrated with vigor and zeal throughout Penang. There is a ten-day celebration and feast organized every year in the memory of Saint Anne. This year, the celebration will be held from 24th July to 2nd of August 2015 at the St. Anne Church in Bukit Mertajam. The days are spent participating in candlelight processions, feasting and listening to mass held in the churches for the ten days.

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People usually forget their schedules, jobs and daily lives and spend the ten days involved in prayer and mass in churches. They participate in the festival which is celebrated with colors and decorations, with plenty of food and prayers for everyone. Devoted followers spend the time seeking blessings from Saint Anne and Lady Mary as well as offering prayers to the Saints. These ten days mark a sacred and holy time period for the followers who spend every moment of it trying their best to help others and spread joy in order to please the saints.

These ten days mark a time that is held closely by the followers as they look forward to the time period as a duration which will help heal them spiritually and bring them much needed peace. Overall, the festival is one that stirs up one’s spirituality and helps people gain a perspective on their lives. According to many people, they leave the festival feeling like completely different people than those who joined in the celebration. It is similar to a ten-day meditation session which allows people to get in touch with their inner self once again.