Are you a visitor in Penang?

Want to put your taste buds to the test and experience the real taste of the city?

Want to try out a variety of tantalizing cuisines that the city has to offer?

Then experiment and choose the items being offered by hawkers in the market. That is surely the way to enjoy the special cuisine in this small city!

Following are the top 10 hawker foods in Penang that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss!

Char Koay Teow post

1.Char Koay Teow

This is a popular noodle dish in Malaysia and is considered a national favorite! It is literally translated as stir fried rice cake strips, made from flat rice noodles. The dish is traditionally served on a banana leaf, and the ingredients include pork fat, bean sprouts, prawns, blood cockles and fish cakes.

laksa penang post


A form of the Peranakan cuisine, Laksa is a spicy noodle soup. The dish is a combination of Malay and Chinese cuisine, and was ranked as the 7th most delicious dish in the world out of a total of 50, by CNN Travel! It is definitely a dish worth trying!

hokien mee post

3.Hokkien Mee

This dish has its origins in the Hokkien province of China, and consists of egg and rice noodles, that are stir fried with prawns, pork, vegetables, squid, lard, lime and sambal sauce.

chicken rice post

4.Chicken Rice

This dish has originated from the Hainan province in China. While recognized as the national dish of Singapore, the Hainanese chicken rice are ranked within the top 50 dishes compiled by CNN.

wan ton mee post

5.Wan Tan Mee

More popularly known as Wonton Noodles throughout the world, this dish of Cantonese origin is also popular in Penang. The dish consists of a hot broth with leafy vegetables, along with wanton dumplings. In Malaysia, the dumplings might be served separately with the noodles served dry. Char siu is added in the Penang version of the dish.

nasi kandar post

6.Nasi Kandar

It is one of the most popular Malaysian dishes, which has its origins in Penang. The dish consists of steamed rice, which might be plain or have mild flavor, served with a large variety of side dishes and curries. You can customize your meal as per your taste! How great is that!

mee goreng post

7.Mee Goreng

It is a fried noodle dish and is a flavorful cuisine choice. It is made with yellow noodles, Chinese cabbage, beef, tomatoes, onions, prawns, chicken and pork. It is available at a number of hawker stalls throughout the country.

lok lok post

8.Lok Lok

It is a hot pot meal, with a slight variation. The food is skewered and then dipped in a pot of boiling water for cooking. The cooked food is then dipped into a variety of different sauces. Meat, vegetables and seafood are eaten off the skewers in different varieties of this dish.

roti canai post

9.Roti Canai

It is a type of flatbread which is inspired from the Indian cuisine. It is also called as roti prata and is also sometimes termed as flying bread, to mark the process of spinning and tossing the roti to prepare it.

satay post


It is a popular dish that includes seasoned and skewered meat served with a special sauce. The meat is barbecued or grilled for cooking and tofu, chicken, beef and pork might be used as ingredients. It is a popular choice amongst food lovers in Penang.

All the dishes are a must try, which is why they have been listed as the top 10 hawker foods in Penang!