tropical fruit farm tree

If you want something new to taste, the tropical fruit farm Penang will provide you different luscious ripe fruits. It is the perfect place to visit when you are looking for some unique fruits to be tasted while exploring the orchard and during your touring. This place has good vegetation and ideal environment in planting different sort of fruits.
Among the other fruits located in this place, the most fascinating fruits are the rare Brazilian grapes and exotic hot pink dragon. You can also have your tour to explore and appreciate the tropical wonders of the place. Your tour will take an hour that gives you the chance to experience some of the attractions. In having your tours, you’re not just enjoying but learning as well. There are tour guides that will explain the essence of their attractions spots to inform everybody and to let them treasure the place. Through this, tourist can be motivated to make local produce of the fruits. Tropical Fruit Farm Penang also educate those travelers the contribution of agriculture especially for those who are in rural areas.

This Tropical Fruit Farm Penang was made to preserve our green inheritance. It serves a big contribution to us because it it’s not just a typical fruit that can tantalize everyone’s taste buds but can also medications. It contains minerals, fibers and natural vitamins that help our body become healthy.

Operation Hours: 7am – 6.30pm

Ticket Fare: Rm30 (Adult) | Rm30 (Child)

Address: Batu 18, Jalan Teluk Pahang, 11000 Penang

Contact: 604 866 5168

Fun 87
Historical 60
Natural 100
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